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The rate and or rhythm can be controlled long-term with oral beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, amiodarone, or digoxin.

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Pubmed 11324464 kumar ar, kurup pa a hypothalamic digoxin mediated model for conscious and subliminal perception.

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It may be desirable to reduce the dose of or discontinue lanoxin for 1-2 days prior to electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation to avoid the induction of ventricular arrhythmias, but physicians must consider the consequences of increasing the ventricular response if digoxin is decreased or withdrawn.

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It s very important to take your digoxin exactly as your doctor tells you.

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Depending on the reaction of the digoxin after taken, if you are feeling dizziness, drowsiness or any weakness as a reaction on your body, then consider digoxin not safe to drive or operate heavy machine after consumption.

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